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8th Jul, 2008


I need another cup of coffee

It's uni holidays and yet I'm here doing work because there just happens to be stuff due upon the conclusion of holidays (sigh). Postgraduate study is harddddddddd >:(

Just found out that I've managed to register to vote absentee in the States so roll on November (even though my vote will probably count for shit)!

Am reading the Two, Jamie, Zoe novel The Final Sanction at the moment. At about the half way mark, I figure that if you read and enjoyed The Indestructible Man you will also enjoy this. Poor Jamie and Zoe! If you didn't like that book though you still might enjoy The Final Sanction though. But they're both rather different to the televised stories of the late 60's, that's for sure :)

6th Jul, 2008



Well I think I'll just retreat to my pile of Classic Series DVDs and live there happily ever after.

19th Jun, 2008


i hates airplanes

Have been away for the last few days which was nice. The trip got off to a bad start however when my flight out was cancelled and there were no viable alternative flights until the next day which wasn't an option. What further sucked is that after my airline cancelled my flight (the other end was fogged out) the other end reopened and all the other airlines managed to move their flights on. There were a huge group of us that needed to get to our destination so fortunately we were able to go for the super fun times road trip.


At least coming back we could airplane it out of there although it looked like we were going to get to turn around and go back once we got home. This time the fog was at our end and one aborted landing later along with coming in from a different direction I find myself back at home which is really by far the best option. So snuggly and warm.

Although 2 for 1 rum and cokes is pretty darn sweet. Mmmmm.

14th Jun, 2008



And when I thought I'd finally weaned myself off of ebay, I find someone selling what must be just about every piece in the verrrrrry nice chess set that was done in the 90's! I could get myself a Six, a Seven, Ace, Tegan...argh. With my luck they don't post here anyway. Shall have to ask >:(

7th Jun, 2008


It's all so very half assed

Too much essay like stuff to write. For the first time ever I am having to resort to caffeine pills. Le sigh. At least come Monday it will all be over. I feel as though it's been a very half assed effort all the way through.

Even the weather is half assed here. Snows on one part of town, and when I come back over to my side of town there is sweet fa. D'oh. I like it when it snows. It is so pretty.

22nd May, 2008


Yay government (not...)

Here in New Zealand you can get a student allowance while you study if you meet certain criteria (such as your parents not earning that much money). So they test your parent's income to see if it meets the threshold for you to get free money. And according to them, you would be dependent on your parents until the age of 25, which is complete and utter bollocks for the sheer majority of students.

Thankfully, the government has recognised this and have sought to rectify the problem.

So now you're only a dependent until the age of 24!

And money for living costs goes up by a whole $5. Vive la government!

*writes essays*
*gives up and reads The Dark Path*

8th May, 2008



too much stuff to do


29th Apr, 2008



Why is a 1500 word essay making me repeatedly headdesk? It's only 1500 words, it's not a thesis.


28th Apr, 2008



As heard at my store's closing down sale, with the place the busiest it's ever been:

"Why are you guys closing down?" (x far too many)

Gee, I have no idea. >_> I'm sure it has absolutely nothing with lack of sales. No way.

In other news, my cat *points* tried to eat his own tail yesterday. I want some of whatever he was on. It must've been some good shit.

25th Apr, 2008



A holiday should be a relaxing time where you can sit on your ass and do fuck all. Unfortunately that's just never going to happen if you're an honours student at university. Sigh. It's not like after all the times I've gone into uni to ostensibly do any work that anything productive has come out of it either. Balls.

Quite possibly the only good thing to have happened lately is that I haven't bought anything on ebay. I should probably read and watch the stuff I got first before going nuts and buying more >_> Silly Doctor Who!

I did something-or-other to my back a couple of days ago and it still hurts. Makes trying to be productive on uni work even less of a possibility but at least it enabled me to finish watching my Doctor Who and the Silurians DVD which was simply awesome. Even though I would probably still rank Spearhead from Space above it, end gurning and all. It was a very good way to start the season (obviously).

I've also started reading the Second Doctor MA Twilight of the Gods even though I haven't finished The Dark Path (nasty habit of mine, having several books on the go). It's taking a bit to get interesting. Bother.

And I'm digging through a bag of pick and mix lollies I got from the supermarket a couple of days ago only to find a jelly wang at the bottom. Lovely. Kiddies get their lollies from the same bulk bins, sigh. I can lol about it since I'm 21 but I'm not sure how a kid would take it. Probably lol too, if they're anything like me >_>

The life of a BA graduate, thrilling indeed...

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