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6th May, 2009



Why did I sign up to do a Masters degree again? This law essay I have to do is going to be the end of me, I swear. I think I'd rather watch Trial of a Time Lord on repeat than do this!

26th Apr, 2009



I'm having to report for jury duty tomorrow and the notice does at least note that one should bring a book to read so one doesn't get bored.

My conundrum:

The Dark Path or Twilight of the Gods (both of which I've started and somehow never managed to finish >_>)?

If I'm going to have the pass the time I'm going to do it with a Doctor Who book, if only because my other books are too heavy/annoying to lug around all day!

14th Mar, 2009



So I see it's been a while since I've been here...

I blame doing my Masters. It's starting to suck me dry already. And it's been soooo long since I've watched any Doctor Who (not counting the steaming pile that was the Christmas "special").

It's like I've been hibernating, or something. >_>

8th Dec, 2008


(no subject)

I hate all the red tape that comes with applying for student loans and allowances and just flipping enrolling at uni!

Pity I actually need to go back to uni to become employable in my chosen field...doh >:(

29th Nov, 2008



I just got beat by my mum in Wii Sports. By quite a lot too! Wasn't even close...

My ego is temporarily bruised.

22nd Nov, 2008


my mum says

that i am drunk. yet this post has perfect spelling right so i can't be that drunk, yes?

i'm right aren't i

i only had a few. not that many. it was nice though. until the guy who puked in his yard glass yet kept going anyway gave me a hug in the shirt he had puked on. that was kinda gross.

21st Nov, 2008


I has moneys

Well come payday I do anyway. Thank goodness my boss has taken pity on me and given me a couple of extra days a week at work. Yay moneys. Sorta cuts down on my leisure reading time though which means my already slow process has almost ground to a halt. le poop.

18th Nov, 2008


The Dark Path

I'm not actually reading it at the moment like I said I would >_> I figured that since I had already started in on Twilight of the Gods (although I can't actually remember doing such a thing, but there was a bookmark in it), and that book comes directly before The Dark Path, that perhaps I should read that first.

It's not too bad at the moment, although poor Jamie's had a bit of a rough time at the moment, what with him and the Doctor getting driven off the edge of a cliff.

Which reminds me, I need to actually finish reading it! I've been quite busy tending to His Royal Blubberiness since he expects attentions more often now that he's noticed I'm home more often. It's hard to say no to a cat.

7th Nov, 2008


\o/ Done!

Everything's been handed in/examined, so hopefully barring any massive brain farts, I'll have my honours degree. Which will be necessary to do a masters degree in the new year, which is exactly what I intend to do. Because I am nuts >_>

But now I finally have the time to read and watch Doctor Who stuff again! :DDDDDDDDD Maybe this summer I can finally make my way through the Second Doctor stuff I have? It's not like I've got full time stuff to get in my way ;_;

So much time on my hands! What do I do?

20th Oct, 2008



At least I don't have any more essays for this year.

Why am I considering going back for more? I guess a Masters would be nice though.

My shiny new computer should hopefully be ready today.

I still need to sleep for like a week or so.

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